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  • 19,600 Sq. Ft. Fabrication Shop
  • 3 overhead cranes
  • Ample yard space for assembly and storage
Our Shop


  • 40T Vessel rollers
  • Vessel Sub Arc welding manipulator
  • 30” Pipe Positioner
  • 1 forklift 12,000 lb capacity
  • 1 Plate Shear – 3/8″ x 10′ NC Programmable
  • 2 Horizontal Bandsaws 18″ capacity
  • 1 Ironworker 75 ton
  • Various fabrication equipment



Ripa Industries Ltd. is certified to CSA Standard W47.1. “Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel Structures” in Division 2.1. CSA W47.1 Certification requires that the company has the organization, personnel, welding procedures, welding standards, and equipment in place to produce satisfactory welds and we exceed minimum standards.


Ripa Industries Ltd. is registered with the Alberta boilers Safety Association (ABSA) under AQP# 1651, and ASME # 60720, for the following manufacturing activities in accordance with the ASME code and Alberta Safety Acts Codes and Regulations, ASME SECTION VIII, DIVISION 1 PRESSURE VESSELS:

1. Construction of miniature pressure vessels
2. Construction of CAT. A & H pressure fittings
3. Repair and alteration of existing pressure vessels
4. Construction, repair and alteration of pressure piping to ASME B31.1 power piping & boiler external piping
5. B31.3 process piping, including indirect fired heater coils to B31.3

Ripa Industries Ltd. welding procedures are registered with Alberta Boilers Safety Association and ASME (WP-) 2343.2

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